Kitchen elements

Shipments all over Germany and the neighboring states - without transshipment on the way!

From the logistic side of view kitchen/canteen items are not easy to handle: the furniture/devices are made of stainless steel, show a high volume together with a relatively low weight.  Often these items have the main weight on top. That means the weight of a cooling machine for instance has a high center of gravity.  Subsequently these articles can easily flip over by handling them in a wrong way.

It is demanding for tradtional cargo (groupage) organisations to deal with these articles like freezing or cooling furniture. The number of transshipments from depot to another depot is bad for the packaging and even for the item itself. Damages on the way of transportation might occur and are "part of the system". Costs involved like replacement costs for the damaged item, late arrival of the goods and so on are not easy to communicate to the final customer (restaurant or canteen owner). 

Sievers Logistics GmbH has developed specially for the market of kitchen items its own logistic concept. Core of this concept are own Sievers-Direct-Lines. Our vehicles operate Germany wide and we can take care of special delivery situations (construction area, streets not being open around the clock, opening hours of Restaurants, bars and so on (which are totally different from traditional manufacturing companies). 

Our trucks have an average age of about 3 years, have tail lifts and pallet mover on board.

Together with our customers we create a logistic chain for your needs: from warehousing to transportation to the final customer we have everything in our hand!

Mechanical engineering, control cabinets

Control cabinets - transport including the last mile...


The logistic of control cabinets is demanding: the cabinets are high (sometimes 240 cm) but show low depths and low weights. Thus the cabinets carry the risk to flip over during handling. On the other hand, the value per control cabinet is relatively high.  A special transportation insurance certificate has to deal with the real value of the cabinet which does not show just a normal standard transport insurance.

We also would like to give you the right proposal with regards to this point...


Medical technology items

Aseptic items, dialysis devices ... with the right equipment.


These items are no standrad items at all which are transported from  "A to B". The requirements are numerous: just-in-time delivery times frames, transport mostly in closed containers...

We would love to talk with you about our possiblities.



Plastic and rubber industry

Rubber buffers, rubber sheets ...  on the road with Sievers Logistics GmbH!


Regardless, if pallets, sheets, roles, cut to size segments, we do the transport throughout Europe. The vehicles are equipped with anti slip mats, straps and barrier beams.

Together with our operation in Czech Republic (Sievers Logistics s.r.o. in CZ 539 01 Hlinsko) we generate european transport solutions. Transports from Germany to Poland, transports from Germany to Czech Republic or Slovakia are done every day. Our transport capacities are not only limited to full truck loads or part loads, we also offer groupage services to all european states.  


Technical Textiles

Technical Textiles up to 5 m width?


Coated fabrics for digital printing, tents and so on show widths up to 5 m. Handling of these items (pallets, single rolls) is demanding because edges of the material may not be damaged and nothing can be toploaded on these products.

Geotextiles are also offered by the industry up to 5 m width. This product category shows different priorities if it comes to logistics: it is quite normal that the delivery goes directly to the construction point at a specified time frame - of course, the asphalt batching machine cannot wait until the geotextiles finally will come.

For years Sievers Logitics GmbH is active in these product segments. We are looking forward to also servicing your needs!

Cardboard industry and displays

1 pallet or full truck loads - just in time!


Displays for point of sales activities - already filled with merchandise or empty going to the service provider - we keep an eye on the delivery dates. Especially merchandising activities mean big quantities together with relevant transport capacities.

Sievers Logistics GmbH offers these capacities.