Sievers Logistics digitizes its warehouses

Sievers Logistics GmbH, market leader in Germany for the logistics of kitchen items (hardware), runs a modern software to operate the warehouse processes completely digitally. The software (“FlexLager”) has an open structure and is linked to our transport software platform. All information und processes are linked to each system. By means of our app  Sievers-go!  all vehicle drivers send their status regarding the orders directly into our transport platform. Also third party providers use  Sievers-go!  so all information go in one system and can be managed.

Customers can check the status by using our homepage (track and trace).

Increase of pick rates in warehouse

Four reach trucks now run on a 2-shift-system. The need of a fourth reach truck was necessary to keep pace with increased pick rates. All reach trucks from STILL are furnished with a camera-system incorporated at the forks.